When Should You Call An Air Conditioner Repair Company?

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When Should You Call An Air Conditioner Repair Company?

When you installed your air conditioning system, you expected that it would serve you for as long as you live. You have high hopes that it will function reliably during the summer and spring months as well as the few occasional warm days during fall. Many people often think all it takes to maintain your AC system is replacing the filters frequently, which is entirely wrong. There are several emergency problems which could arise, and this is why you will probably need to have some contact information for an HVAC repair company near you. An air conditioning disaster could leave your home with unbearable heat, and you might even find it difficult to work or sleep. If you are not sure about when you should call an air condition repair company, here are some signs that tell it all.

1. Inconsistent Temperatures in Your Home

Do you feel that there is a hot room in your office or home for no apparent reason? Well, it is essential to understand that some of your rooms could be a little bit warmer if they have direct access to sunlight. All the same, your air conditioning system should still work correctly despite the temperature differences in your home. If some rooms feel hotter than the other, the chances are that you have a weak airflow and that your AC unit is not functioning as it should. Inconsistent room temperatures mean that your air conditioner is apparently not working up to the demand and that it might probably give in soon.

2. AC Leaking Water

If you realize that your air conditioning unit is leaking some water, then you should immediately get in touch with your nearest air condition repair company. However simple the problem sounds, the truth is that it will not resolve itself and it could be as a result of a severe problem with your AC unit. While leaking water is a telltale indicator that your air conditioner is not working well, the leaking water could result in potential damage to your home. An air conditioner naturally creates its condensation, just as you would take a glass of cold water in the sun. It is this condensation in the AC unit which drips into the pan and drains away. However, if the drain line or pan is clogged, then the condensation will overflow and start leaking.

3. Opposite Heating/Cooling Effects

Turning on your air conditioning unit only to feel some hot air come out of the vents or feel your furnace releasing cold air could be quite frustrating. An air conditioner is meant to maintain the temperature of your home or office by blowing in the cool breeze. So, if you turn it on and it does the opposite, then the chances are that you are sitting on a time bomb that will explode real soon. This is a problem that could result in an AC repair emergency. Blockage in the ductwork, the unit itself, or a unit that is just about to fail could be the primary cause. Air conditioning professionals are the only ones who can establish the problem and rectify it.

4. Air Conditioner Making Unusual Noises

Another way to know that it is time for you to call the air conditioner repair company is when you hear your air conditioner making some new or unusual noises. Beside the soft whirr, an air conditioning unit should make very little noise. If your air conditioner is working smoothly, then there should be no clang or sputter. If you turn on the mains to your air conditioner and hear it making a gurgling, hissing or squealing noise, then you should know that there is a severe mechanical problem in the AC unit that should be addressed immediately. Failure to check this problem could result in a total AC unit failure when you least expect it. A squealing sound usually indicates that the motor fan belt should be replaced. Gurgling hints that you are running low of refrigerant whereas hissing usually is brought about by a refrigerant leak.

5. Bad Odors Coming From The AC Unit

Consistent blasts of musty-smelling air from your air conditioner are a clear indicator that something is not right with your machine. When your AC unit starts producing foul-smelling odors, the chances are that there is some melted wiring, leaking chemicals or the presence of mold on the inside. If you feel that some strange smells are emanating from your AC unit, the best thing to do is turn the system off immediately. A metallic burning smell could indicate burn out wiring or insulation and must be addressed immediately to reduce the risks of a fire in your home.

6. Failure To Launch

The last thing you want as a homeowner is to have an unresponsive furnace or air conditioner. The unit will still be running, and the thermostat keeps signaling the unit, resulting in incredibly high energy costs without creating a comfortable living space for you. If your air conditioning unit does not launch, then it should be evident that you need an emergency repair. And while you will be tempted to flip the breaker on and off, this instant fix will not address the inner mechanisms which are causing it to fail in the first place.

7. A Sudden Spike In Your Energy Bills

Air conditioning often using quite a lot of energy, but an immediate and dramatic spike in the bills is an indication that your AC unit is probably not working in the best way possible and that it might be consuming more electricity than it should. Otherwise, this could be time for you to upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner which could reduce energy use by 30% to 50%, thus eventually lowering your utility bills.

When you have doubts about your AC unit, it is always good to have an AC repair company look at the entire unit. You could also schedule regular maintenance every spring and fall.

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