Cooling Maintenance Plan

Keeping it Cool

Is your home cooling system not as effective as it used to be? Don’t sweat it ­­figuratively and literally. Problems with air conditioning, exhaust fans, and other cooling systems happen to the best of us and the good news is, that they’re easily avoidable with a Berwic cooling maintenance plan.

Why Keep Up With Maintenance? 

Let’s face it; you can’t spend the whole summer outside or anywhere you can beat the heat, sadly you still have to spend a good chunk of the summer at home and most likely with the A/C on full blast. During these months of heavy usage, the components of your home’s cooling system are more susceptible to wear and tear. It may not lead to the total failure of the entire cooling system, but it can impact its performance and power consumption. At Berwic our expert technicians can make sure your home cooling system is always in its best shape, members of the cooling maintenance plan get:

Priority customer support.

Service discounts.

Zero extra charges for emergency calls.

Peace of mind during those peak months.

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