A Comprehensive Guide To Some Of The Most Common Emergency Plumbing Problems


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Different things could go wrong in a home that could require the attention of an expert. Many homeowners can attest to the fact they’ve been able to appreciate their property more through the assistance of such professionals. When some of these problems involve plumbing, there are several common problems that most homeowners face. As much as a 24-hour plumbing service provider can be handy, there are still times when what you know can keep you from experiencing a messy situation. In this article, we’ll try and have a look at some of the most common plumbing emergencies people face and what they need to do when they happen.

No Water Coming Out the Tap

When your tap is not bringing out any water, this could be as a result of several factors. The problem could be that one of your pipes is blocked or it could be with your water distribution company. At the same time, it could be because your tap’s surface control (if your features one) was mistakenly turned off. Before calling a professional plumber, consider carrying out the following routine checks.

Try calling your water distribution company and find out if there are having any problems. Take a minute or two to check your tap’s controls and ensure that everything is okay. If you are on your own well check to make sure the breaker or fuse that feeds your pump is not tripped or blown. These will be located in your electrical panel and should be marked. If you still cannot solve the problem, then call a professional plumber and have him check your plumbing for you. It is advisable that you never try to fix complicated plumbing issues on your own if you do not know what you are doing and do not have the right equipment.

Leaking Bathroom and Kitchen Pipes

Leaky pipes are amongst the most common plumbing problems for homeowners. This problem generally escalates during the colder months but is also quite common all year round. Most plumbing pipes will start leaking near the joints, so always check for wet spots on the ceiling or ground. Considering that water damage can be quite costly, it is vital that you have those leaky pipes fixed up as soon as possible. If the problem isn’t that big, then you could try to remedy it by applying some plumbing adhesive. Some new pipes actually screw together now so make sure all connections are tight.  If the problem persists or you feel like this is a task you cannot handle, then consider calling in a plumber.

Blocked Drainage

Blocked drainages are amongst the most common plumbing issues out there. This problem often occurs when the drainage pipes are clogged by either debris, grime or various foreign objects.  If it’s your toilet then using a plunger is the best option. A lot of times people do not push on the plunger hard enough and fast enough for it to have an effect, keep this in mind when using one.   If its one of your drains most of the time its either the P-trap or Depri in your mechanism that is used to keep the water in the sink.  You can take the p trap apart and clean it out keep in mind there will be water in it, so put a bowl under the P trap before you start to twist it open.  If its the mechansim that keeps water in your sink you can take that apart as well and clean it out, bathroom sinks are bad for these getting clogged due to hair getting in them.  If you don’t think you can do either of these the buying a small drain snake and “snaking” out the drain will usually do the trick as well.  If all of these seem to much for you, then the other “logical” thing to do would be to have an expert look at the problem.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure issues are quite common for older homes with outdated plumbing systems. When this happens, the best thing to do would be to consider cleaning the showerhead aerator or replacing the entire thing. The aerator is usually located at the end of your tap and screws off.  Most of the time is a small screen and it will get clogged up over time. The next thing would be to check for hidden leaks in your home. Significant leaks can have a major impact on water pressure and could increase your water bills. It could also be because of corrosion within your pipes. Fixing low water pressure issues will often require the assistance of a professional. Therefore, if replacing a showerhead does not improve things, then consider having the entire system checked or replaced by a professional.

Broken Water Heater

There is nothing worse than stepping into your shower only to feel cold water hitting your body. When this happens, the problem could be with your water heater. Chances are the heater is broken and this will require an immediate fix. Depending on your type of water heater it may have tripped the breaker on your panel or may not have gotten turned on. Before calling in a specialist to have a look at it, consider checking if it is still on, also find which breaker is used for the hot water heater and make sure it’s not tripped and in the on position. If this is not the problem, then have a plumber come in and have a look. The problem could be a minor one requiring a simple fix; however, in worst case scenarios, the only option would be to have it replaced. It is vital that you always have a professional resolve any serious water heater problems.

Sump Pump Failure

During heavy rains, water could end up in your basement, and sump pumps help ensure that no flooding occurs. When a sump pump fails, water could end up swamping the entire room, causing damage to personal belongings and may affect the integrity of your structure. It’s worth noting that prolonged rains could cause your pump to fail. It is, therefore, advisable that you have the pump checked regularly to ensure that it works as it should when the worst strikes. But in the event of sump pump failure, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are common during winter; especially for homes that have been sitting empty. If your pipes have not broken open yet, then slowly thaw them out using hot water bottles. However, when doing this, it is vital to remember that water contracts and expands with temperature changes. As such, avoid doing this too quickly. Alternatively, you could use a simple trick to keep your pipes from freezing that trick would be to leave a trickle of water running during very cold days. Though this is not a very economical approach, it still helps keep your pipes from freezing over. Flowing water does not freeze as easily as still water. However, if you are not comfortable handling the task, consider having a plumber come over and help you thaw out your plumbing. The good thing is that there is a way to keep this from happening, and that would be having your plumber add some insulation around the pipes the sit outside your home’s walls.

Most plumbing emergencies tend to happen because of negligence. It is, therefore, advisable that you check the state of your plumbing from time to time. While the most advisable thing to do would be to call in a professional plumber to resolve most plumbing emergencies, there are some that you can remedy on your own with the right knowledge and tools. However, if a problem is beyond you, then contact a local plumbing professional as soon as possible and have him work on it.

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